Friday, 25 March 2016

The Way to Riverland: Free Coffee in Barossa Valley and Chocolate Disaster

This March is full of "long weekends" due to public holidays. So we are going on a journey again. After the last off-road adventures in the Gawler Rangers National Park, we decided to take a break from long tiring driving on the highway as well as from off-road trails. This time we decided to spend the week-end in the Riverland - beautiful place at the junction of the three states - South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. This region, located in the valley of the Murray River is famous for its beautiful orchards and vineyards.

Campground in Katarapko River Murray National Park, which was chosen by Alex, by our standards, was very close from our home - just 240 kilometres, or a little less than three hours of driving. So we relaxed, left home around 11 a.m, and decided to drive leisurely and with pleasure. We have previously mentioned, that we are not the "racers". We get much more pleasure from that what we see through the window of the vehicle and during the stops than from the speed of the driving itself. We are sincerely sorry for those who miss so many interesting things driving at the highest speed.

Driver Riviver Free Coffee in Barossa Valley.  Nuriootpa, South Australia
Driver Riviver Free Coffee in Barossa Valley

The first stop was ... at our friends house who asked us to take some Easter chocolate eggs ... We were surprised and even a bit shocked when they presented us a huge box full of variety of Easter chocolate eggs, rabbits and toys of all sizes and for all tastes. Our friends told us that they have won the first prize in the kindergarten Easter raffle,  and decided to share their "good fortune"  with us. Thank you guys, you really made our trip festive and sweet! Our children were so happy, and we have almost cleaned the car seat upholstery!

The second stop took place very soon. We saw a "Driver Reviver" road sign informing about the free coffee spot, which is a great social project, supported by the Lions Club. Free coffee is a good excuse to stop and have a rest from driving for a few minutes. We do not want to write too solemnly but perhaps such a little break could save somebody's life. After all, the problem of so many drivers - is a long non-stop drive at high speed, fatigue, and, as a result, inattention.

Free Coffee in Barossa Valley.  Nuriootpa, South Australia
Free Coffee in Barossa Valley.  Nuriootpa, South Australia 
Of course, we turned off the road to a small kiosk. There were two elderly volunteers on duty, they offered coffee to us, and Milo and cookies for the children. The spot was equipped with a couple of tables in a shaded zone, also there was a small neat mobile toilet. So, there was all that the tired traveler could dream about...

Driver Riviver Free Coffee in Barossa Valley.  Nuriootpa, South Australia
Driver Riviver in Nuriootpa, South Australia 
We spent for about half an hour at this spot, talking to volunteers about the vicissitudes of farmer's life, the differences in the laws and the road surface in the different states of Australia and even discussing the results of WWII ...  Children at this time enthusiastically climbed on branchy eucalyptus growing around the kiosk. We said goodbye to our new friends, and Sasha and Sonia presented them a couple of Easter chocolate eggs.

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