Friday, 25 March 2016

Booky Cliffs Campground in Murray River National Park

After about an hour drive, we began to look carefully at the road signs, so we would not miss a turn to the national park Katarapko (a part of Murray River National Park). Of course we passed by the required turn, and had to turn around and drive back a little. Endless vineyards began as soon as we left town. Juicy grapes were swinging on the branches practically next to the window of our car, and we really wanted to try the sweet berries. However we could not... as it was private property...

Endless vineyards with juicy grapes, swinging on the branches. Berri, South Australia

The road to the national park was going through some kind of dried swamp. Vegetation around the road was grayish and looked dusty. On both sides of the road there were deep tracks in the dried marsh soil, left by the off-road vehicles that enjoyed mud driving in the wet weather. Nasty swamp smell penetrated into the car through the open window. We even felt depressed for a little while: Oh, my God, where are we driving??? However Alex encouraged us, he said that,  we have not yet reached the end point, and it could be even more interesting then.

Riverland: Fresh Fruit Directly from the Local Gardens

Approaching the border with Riverland we looked for the road pointer to the quarantine bin, where travelers should dispose all their fruits and veggies, as they are not allowed to be brought to the Riverland. As we mentioned earlier in the other article, the import of plant foods to the territory of Riverland is forbidden to protect the local orchards from the fruit fly eggs, as this pest can destroy all the crops of the region. We knew about these rules, and did not carry any forbidden fruit, but we urgently needed to get rid of some apple cores and banana pills found in the car rubbish bin.

Riverland Visitor Information Centre with the Big Orange Tree

The Way to Riverland: Free Coffee in Barossa Valley and Chocolate Disaster

This March is full of "long weekends" due to public holidays. So we are going on a journey again. After the last off-road adventures in the Gawler Rangers National Park, we decided to take a break from long tiring driving on the highway as well as from off-road trails. This time we decided to spend the week-end in the Riverland - beautiful place at the junction of the three states - South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. This region, located in the valley of the Murray River is famous for its beautiful orchards and vineyards.

Campground in Katarapko River Murray National Park, which was chosen by Alex, by our standards, was very close from our home - just 240 kilometres, or a little less than three hours of driving. So we relaxed, left home around 11 a.m, and decided to drive leisurely and with pleasure. We have previously mentioned, that we are not the "racers". We get much more pleasure from that what we see through the window of the vehicle and during the stops than from the speed of the driving itself. We are sincerely sorry for those who miss so many interesting things driving at the highest speed.

Driver Riviver Free Coffee in Barossa Valley.  Nuriootpa, South Australia
Driver Riviver Free Coffee in Barossa Valley