Saturday, 27 February 2016

Meningie: a Little Stop on the Lake Albert Shore

Any birthday in our family is not just a holiday, but a good reason to go on a road trip. It has become a tradition. This year Sonia's birthday successfully happened on Saturday. In addition,  a few days before nice guys from "MTQ Engine Systems"  finally diagnosed and treated mysterious malfunctions of our Delica, which no one could handle anymore. So, they gave us a great opportunity to travel in a healthy and vigorous vehicle.

Lake Albert foreshore in Meninge, South Australia
Lake Albert foreshore in Meninge, South Australia
At this time, the choice of location for our trip was the perfect off-road tracks of Little Dip Conservation Park. Looking at photos of 4WD vehicles maneuvering on the steep sand dunes, we looked forward to an unforgettable adventure.

In the morning we have surpassed ourselves in duration of our packing, as it was not just because of our morning congratulations for the Birthday girl. We have never before started our trip so late. We were very sorry that our lack of organization has once again taken away a few hours of an interesting trip. I am ashamed to say, but we left home only half past eleven, and there were about 4 hours drive to the final destination.

Coorong Wilderness along Princes Highway, South Australia
Coorong Wilderness along Princes Highway, South Australia
 However, we did not turn our trip in senseless "devouring of kilometres", and tried to get the maximum pleasure from it. After a couple of hours of driving, we made the first stop in a small pretty town Meningie. Our kids went to explore the children's playground near the Lake Albert. This is a great place for a stop on the way,  where the kids could stretch their legs and splash out their energy. You can have a meal in a shelter or visit the coffee shop across the street, or just take a walk along the shore of a scenic lake.

The Playground in Meningie
The Playground in Meningie SA
The kids were ecstatic. We just could not get them to return to the car, catching and belting them one by one into their car seat restraints.

In the same town, there was a museum of a cheese factory, which we decided to visit. We, in advance prepared ourselves to tasting some of their cheese specialities there.  We easily found this museum, but, alas, it did not meet our expectations. We looked through the open door, shouted a bit, trying to attract the attention of staff - but without success.

A wooden pelican and a coffee shop across the Main Road in Meningie South Australia
A wooden pelican and a coffee shop across the Main Road in Meningie South Australia

On the door hung a sign with a price - $5 per person (of obligatory donations), neither usual family ticket nor discounts for little tourists were offered. Near the entrance stood a large can used as a money-box for this payment. Apparently, there was a self-service. Once we were confused by all this, and, looking around the museum room, we agreed on the fact that the cheese was not there at all, and the exposition was similar to the ones that we have seen before in other local history museums ... So, we drove on, did not even visit the restaurant around the corner, although perhaps that tricky cheese could have hid from us there.

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  1. Wow!i didn't know about this story, it sounds a little creepy to me yet it is so amazing that everything was just the same.