Sunday, 28 February 2016

Little Dip Conservation Park: Up and Down Through the Dunes

After the driving lesson we drove on through the dunes. We have already understood that there is nothing to do there without the sand flags - on the steep climbs and descents, they can be seen due to the pass and warn of oncoming traffic. So Alex pulled out and attached to the bull bar prudently stored fishing rod with a ribbon on the top. This flagpole was not too high, but nevertheless it already provided a certain safety. (Looking ahead, I want to say that  we were not the only ones went with a fishing rod. We met a few vehicles equipped in the same way. This was not surprising, if we compare the cost of the sand flag and of the common folding fishing rod ...)

Driving through sand dunes along the beach trail in Little Dip Conservation Park

Onсe we met a guy on the off-road motorcycle, he politely moved out and gave us way on the steep descent. Alex said he was not the only motorcyclist in these dunes. This part of the track was more difficult than the previous one, with sharp turns, steep ups and downs. In the end we came to the same beach, at the very end, where were a lot of spectacular cliffs.

A fishing rod is an effective budget substitute for expensive sand flags

Each rock here is a single work of art, looking like lace, with graceful patterns. Do you remember how kids decorate their sandcastles with curls of wet sand? That's how each stone in this amazing place looks like! Children played hide and seek among the rocks, climbed on them, jumped down, tumbling into the sand.

Rocks at the beach in Little Dip Conservation Park is an amazing natural playground for kids an adults.
Rocks at the beach in Little Dip Conservation Park is an amazing natural playground for kids an adults.
While they were playing, we were visited by the same lone fisherman, whom we met at the beginning. Perhaps he was concerned that we have been standing in the same place for too long, or may be also did not know that our van was 4WD. In any case, he asked, how were we doing, if help was needed, and advised not to go further, because the road there was much worse, and nothing special to look at. After a short pleasant conversation, he also turned around and drove back. We thought a bit and decided to follow his advice. Bad road did not scare us too much, however, according to the time, we, unfortunately, had to drive home.

We wonder how that Zafira got so far into Little Dip Conservation Park
We said goodbye to the ocean, beach and cliffs, and quickly, directly along the beach, went back to the point of the shore from which we started, than drove past our campground. On an even country road Maria was driving again, she heroically brought us to the town of Robe, and even drove a bit along its streets with the light traffic. In addition, at the nearest petrol station, she got her first lesson of wheels inflating. Now we could drive home without any problems. Next stop should be in Kingston SE, where we have planned to have lunch.

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