Saturday, 27 February 2016

From Meningie to Robe: Simple Pleasures of the Road

Rested a bit in Meningie, we have gone further. Looking through the car window, we watched the monotonous landscapes. By the way, in Australia monotonous landscapes for tens of kilometres is a common thing, but indeed they are incredibly beautiful - only if you want to see this beauty. But this time, the picture changed quite quickly. We arrived at the shore of a dried-up salt lake, the cracked bottom of which was  covered with whitish-pink salt crystals. There were many spectacular wooden poles and trunks of dead trees sticking out of the ground. Of course, Alex immediately went to take pictures of the breathtaking views. When he came back, he presented Sasha with a large salt crystal for his collection. Needless to say that all the kids tried the taste of this piece of mineral.

Dried Salt lake near Meningie, South Australia
The next time we pulled over next to some dark-green trees covered with bright red fruits. Victoria yelled loudly that finally, her dream had come true, and she saw a quandong - Australian plant, "native peach", a traditional bush tucker (according to expositions in museums). Victoria was the first to jump out of the vehicle and ran to the tree. But instead of quandong we found some apple-trees, that friendly offered us their under-ripe fruit. We collected them, as many as we could, and then another twenty minutes enjoyed these gifts of nature, wincing at the sour.

Enjoying natural side road snack along Princes Highway

It is easy to guess that these apples only have teased our appetite. But it was not a problem, because we have already arrived at the glorious town of Robe, which we love so much for it's beautiful seascapes and a wonderful cafe "Robe Seafood & Takeaway" on the main street. As we reached the town, passing between the salt lakes, we enjoyed a very interesting view of the lakes.

Heaps of salt which also looked like the Dead Sea shore. Robe, South Australia

Because of the heat lakes became shallow, and large deposits of salt crystals on the banks reminded us of spring in Russia, when the river already cleared of ice, but the shores are still covered with snow. At the same time, there was heaps of salt which also looked like the Dead Sea shore on the promotional photos. So, it looked very nice, and we would like to take a walk there, but the sharp smell of hydrogen sulphide and the desire to have our fish-n-chips did not let us stop.

Our order at Robe Seafood and Takeaway
Our order at Robe Seafood and Takeaway

A few minutes later we parked on the main street of Robe - Victoria Street - next to a favourite cafe (21 Victoria St, Robe, South Australia 5276). Eating here last time, we saw that the cafe was put up for sale, and now we expected to see it under a new management. We were a bit worried whether the meals here would be as tasty as they were before. To the credit of the new owners we can say that the quality of the meal was not worse, and the range of meal has changed a bit and expanded. Our point of view was supported by a newspaper articles and The TripAdvisor Certificate, hung out in a prominent place.

Seafood and Takeaway in Robe, South Australia
Seafood and Takeaway in Robe, South Australia

We ordered flake (meat of local small sharks), calamari rings, potato chips and a couple of burgers. The cooked food was given to us wrapped in many layers of paper. We really like this old-fashioned style. We wanted to eat on the beach, but we remembered our first dinner in Robe, when we have to fight with seagulls who forced us to share our meal with them. So, this time we preferred to sit down at a table near the cafe in the open air. However, even here we still counted a dozen of gulls-on-duty and even a well-groomed cat (probably the owner's pet), who also wished to taste our fish. But they have not been too annoying, and made us a nice company.

After dinner, we had to hurry up. Our campground was in Little Dip Conservation Park, we had to drive a few more kilometres to reach it, however, there was just about an hour to sunset. The problem was that our GPS-navigator could not show us the road to the camp site, since it's maps do not contain many off-road routes. So we decided to drive synchronizing with the road signs and the paper map of the park, printed from the Internet. That was when the adventure started... 


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