Thursday, 24 December 2015

North Beach in Wallaroo: Christmas Eve in Knee-Deep Water

Our family has a really nice tradition: we try to spend our holidays somewhere outdoors, as far from home as possible. The Christmas Eve this year was no exception. A few weeks ago we decided to spend this evening at the North Beach in Wallaroo (west coast of York Peninsula).

North Beach, Wallaroo, South Australia
North Beach, Wallaroo, South Australia

Wallaroo is one of the historic towns of legendary Copper Coast of the York Peninsula. There are numerous historical sights, and museums related to the mining history of this region. But this time we did not plan to study the historical heritage, and just come to relax on the beach. We have been there once, and kept very sweet memories about visiting this place.

Seafront houses at North Beach, Wallaroo

The day was very hot, and, therefore, it was absolutely perfect for our event. In the morning we prepared for the trip. We bought some food for the festive table: frozen cooked prawns, watermelon, cherries, Christmas fruit cake, a few drops of cider for parents and a lot of soft drinks for the kids. We filled a big thermos with tea. Hot tea and hot weather are usually incompatible, but we could not imagine how to eat without tea a super sweet Christmas cake.

We left home around 2 pm. to get to North Beach when the solar activity subsides, and it will get cooler and more comfortable. The time spent on the road was really nice: we drove slowly, admiring nature, listening to music. Maybe for someone distance of 160 km is a serious journey, however for us it is just a "light" walk.

Our picnic place at North Beach, Wallaroo, South Australia

A new meeting with North Beach did not disappoint us. It was the same as we left it a couple of years ago: the wide beach with white fine sand, emerald water of the Spencer Gulf, a few cars on the shore, a couple of boats in the distance, lazy seagulls, peace and quiet... We chose a cosy place approximately in the centre of the beach, set up our folded chairs and table and went swimming.

Seagulls are always hungry. These ones are no exemption

Swimming in the North Beach is a special topic for the story. Fans of diving and snorkelling might not understand our admiration. However for a family with small children here is an ideal place. At any distance from the shore knee-deep water is absolutely transparent and incredibly warm. You can see fish and some translucent creatures living at the bottom. It is so beautiful! On the beach, in the pools remaining after the tide, the water is not just warm, it is hot. You practically can take a bath in there! Everywhere on the shore, you can find beautiful scallop's shells and pieces of coral that we only seen on this beach.

Young drag racers left their road cone at the beach.

Unfortunately, the perfect peace and quiet on the beach were disturbed by a group of young drivers. They raised the level of adrenaline in the blood by speeding on the sand on their cars, growling by engines, turning on the spot and raising clouds of sand. Obviously, they were annoying, not only to us but also to the other people, because after some time a police car appeared on the beach, but the speeders have disappeared, leaving only a lonely traffic cone on the sand.

Boats go along coastline of Spencer Gulf near Wallaroo
After a swim, we enjoyed the watermelon, cherries and cooked prawns, which by this time were almost thawed and ready for use. To our table flew a flock of seagulls that slowly closed their circle on us, looking at us with hungry sly eyes. Usually we do not feed the seagulls, but in this flock were several birds with disabilities, and we threw them a couple of prawn heads. However, after dinner, all our leftovers were fully utilized. Seagulls carefully picked and eaten with gratitude even the thinnest legs and antennae of our arthropods.

Stunning sunset at North Beach, Wallaroo

Time flew by quickly and pleasantly. We were leaving the beach in the last rays of a sunset which was beautiful as always! We are now planning to find a suitable camp ground near by, to come back again and to stay overnight.


  1. What a perfect way to spend Christmas eve! I love the York Peninsula, and yes it definitely is a safe beach for families. There is north beach caravan park which is next to the beach and perfect for those wanting to extend their stay. Have a wonderful new year!!

    1. Hi Helen, York Peninsula has a lot of amazing places to visit. Not only along coast line but also inland.

      Thank you for your suggestion about the caravan park and have a very happy new year too.

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