Friday, 21 August 2015

Treasure Island: Hahndorf Trading Company

Walking along the main street of hospitable tourist Hahndorf, you may not notice this small shop, hidden deep in the yard. It would be an unforgivable mistake.

The table lamp, which made from a retro blowtorch
The blowtorch table lamp and the unique timing gear clock. Creative art in the Hahndorf Trading Company
Shop of the Hahndorf Trading Company is a real treasure island, where you can find a lot of amazing and unexpected things came to us from yesterday. There are antique and vintage items, and just simple old cute trinkets decorated many years ago the dresser of someone's beloved grandmother. There are old magazines and books, clothes and utensils. There is an "alternative art" by local artist Steve Langdon. You can spend there hours staring at unusual items, trying to guess their origin and purpose.

Retro world globe
Retro world globe is a world of the Hahndorf Trading Company
The shop is filled with music from carefully collected vinyl records, supplementing the magical atmosphere of this place. But perhaps the most important treasure of the shop is its owner, Greg Lomax. Without him, the store would lose a half of its charm. He is a witty man, an expert in his field, and a pleasant interlocutor.

Do not forget to find this amazing place during your next walks, and you will not be disappointed by what you saw.

4/44 Main St,
Hahndorf SA 5245

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