Friday, 21 August 2015

Treasure Island: Hahndorf Trading Company

Walking along the main street of hospitable tourist Hahndorf, you may not notice this small shop, hidden deep in the yard. It would be an unforgivable mistake.

The table lamp, which made from a retro blowtorch
The blowtorch table lamp and the unique timing gear clock. Creative art in the Hahndorf Trading Company
Shop of the Hahndorf Trading Company is a real treasure island, where you can find a lot of amazing and unexpected things came to us from yesterday. There are antique and vintage items, and just simple old cute trinkets decorated many years ago the dresser of someone's beloved grandmother. There are old magazines and books, clothes and utensils. There is an "alternative art" by local artist Steve Langdon. You can spend there hours staring at unusual items, trying to guess their origin and purpose.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Kid's Dream: Melba's Chocolates & Confectionery

Adelaide Hills are full of secrets. Thank God that there are some road signs that reveal these secrets. Thus, about the Melba’s Chocolates we first found out from a road sign standing on one of the turns. At that time, the factory was not found, although we really tried to find it. Obviously, those magical places could be found only by the persistent adventurers.
Chocolates & Confectionery Shop
Melba's Chocolates & Confectionery, Woodside, South Australia
The second time we have found it without a road sign, accidentally passing by, but, unfortunately, that day it was already closed. However we set this place in the GPS, and promised that we would be back. And we went back, just for the Birthday of the youngest daughter.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Spirit of Germany: The German Village Shop

If you want to feel the spirit of real Germany, welcome to Hahndorf! This is the oldest surviving German town in Australia, in which has been preserved the old architecture in the German fachwerk style, and live descendants of the first German settlers.

Hand carved Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest in Germany
Hand carved Cuckoo Clocks in the German Village Shop, Hahndorf, South Australia

Friday, 7 August 2015

The icon of Hahndorf: John Graham Leathersmith & Bush Gallery

We have discovered a very Australian place in the traditional German Hahndorf. It's John Graham Leathersmith & Bush Gallery. It is the oldest business in the Hahndorf Main Street, running from 1983.

Entrance display of John Graham Leathersmith & Bush Gallery

Over these years, this shop has become an icon of Hahndorf, entertaining visitors from all over the world. In the shop sold a variety of leather goods, such as oilskin coats & vests, wallets, purses, belts, hats, suede goods, whips and much more.  All goods are made from various animal leathers - from cow, to kangaroo and crocodile.