Friday, 31 July 2015

Goods for All Tastes: Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide Central Market is located in the centre of the city, or as someone would say 'in the heart of Adelaide'. Every day the Market is visited by hundreds of people. Some tourists join specially organised excursions, and the others go there on their own to experience this local attraction of Adelaide CBD.

Happy customers at fresh fruit and vegetables food market

Similarly to other markets, there is a wide range of high quality fresh fruit and vegetables at competitive price. A visitor can be lucky enough to catch a bargain of special or seasonal deals. Additionally, there are many other local food businesses are represented at the Central Market. Somewhere around can be found different bakeries, cheese factories or small-goods stalls. Many of them kindly offer to taste samples of their most interesting current products.

Cheese tasting at the food market

The market has many side ways that lead to other shops where clothes, shoes, and souvenirs are sold. It is so easy to get lost there during the first visit to the market. However, there is no reason to panic. In that case the best decision is to take a breath in one of the nearby cafes, which are located throughout the market, and enjoy a cup of nicely flavoured coffee with a delicious cake.

Adelaide Central Market

When all the shopping is about to finish, that is time to go back to the car parking, which is comfortably located right above the market with lifts for additional convenience to people carrying heavy bags.

The incredible combination of the fantastic location, wide range of products and convenient facilities make Adelaide Central Market very attractive for tourists as well as for local people.

Address: 44 – 60 Gouger Street,
Adelaide, South Australia 5000

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