Thursday, 9 July 2015

Golden Dragon Museum in Bendigo

We began our acquaintance with the beautiful city of Bendigo from the unique museum of Chinese culture ”Golden Dragon Museum", Yi Yuan Gardens and Kuan Yin Temple.

There is a serious reason to hold a Museum of Chinese culture in Bendigo. This town historically had been a home to the largest population of Chinese people all over the Victoria state.

Chinese fu dog sculptures at the museum entrance
Golden Dragon Museum entrance with Chinese fu dog sculptures

In the 1890s an impressive Imperial dragon was bought from China by the local Chinese. It is now the oldest Imperial Chinese Dragon in the world (!!!) and is housed at the Bendigo museum for viewing.

Ancient Chinese caved jade cart
Ancient Chinese caved jade cart in Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo, Vic
Also the Museum presents lots of other unique things belonging to the Chinese culture, such as professional regalia, carved furniture and costumes.

Chinese currency collection
Chinese currency collection in Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo, Vic

The exposition presented in a very expressive, spectacular and beautiful way. Among twilight in the halls of the museum, the bright spots of light from the spotlights focus the audience's attention on the individual exhibits of the museum. Flash photography is not permitted in the Museum (I think it is because flash light could be destroying for the ancient artifacts).

Chinese Garden with a pond
Chinese Garden with a pond in Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo, Vic
It is possible to take photographs or use a video camera in the galleries, but not with a tripod, mono-pod or supplementary video lighting. All the photographs or videos taken in the Galleries may only be for personal use. We enjoyed the visit to this museum and we were glad to have the opportunity to join a bit the amazing culture of China.

1-11 Bridge Street Bendigo
VIC 3552 

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