Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bendigo Art Gallery

Another discovery of this day was the Bendigo Art Gallery. We took advantage of its hospitality in that rainy cold day and had a nice time exploring the exhibits presented in the gallery.

Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

Bendigo Art Gallery is one of the oldest and largest regional galleries in Australia, established in 1887. Bendigo Art Gallery's collection is extensive, with an emphasis on 19th century European art and Australian art from the 1800's, alongside a strong collection of contemporary Australian art.

Contemporary art installation cut out sculptures
Contemporary art installation. Cut out sculptures in Bendigo Art Gallery

The collection includes painting, sculpture, ceramics, decorative arts, photography, works on paper, and Australian art, including work by artists such as Patricia Piccinini, Bill Henson, Dale Frank, Jan Nelson, Fiona Hall, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Kit Webster, and Ben Armstrong. 

Traditional paintings and sculptures
Traditional paintings and sculptures in Bendigo Art Gallery

We loved this gallery once and for all for the huge spaces of rooms where you can admire the works of art quietly in silence, for the right soft lighting by spotlights, focused on the individual exhibits.

Young family by Patricia Piccinini
"Young family" by Patricia Piccinini

And we were happy that in this gallery all the exhibits are divided into eras, and modern and classical art was not mixed. (We do not like this mixture into the Gallery of South Australia: all the ingredients of a "cocktail" are fine, but the result is inedible for our taste :)) 

Painted refrigerator
Diversity of visual arts. Painted refrigerator in Bendigo Art Gallery
We spent in the gallery for about two hours, but it is, unfortunately, not enough to get pleasure from every single painting or sculpture. Bendigo Art Gallery is a great place, and we recommend definitely to visit it if you would be lucky to visit this town.

42 View St,
Bendigo VIC 3550

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