Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Road to Discovery Bay Coastal Park

Road to Discovery Bay Coastal Park runs along the border of the Grampians National Park. The road had warning signs along the way, saying that this part of Grampians is a total fire ban zone. Yet, at one of the closest farms we saw burning uprooted stumps. It was quite a majestic show!

Burning uprooted stumps near the Grampians National Park
Burning uprooted stumps near Grampians National Park

Just in case, we stopped near the closest fire station. The gate was opened, but there was no sight of people nor cars and trucks. As we moved on we saw a fire truck, returning from a call, not far from other burning stumps. It appeared those were planned fires in the windless weather. Nevertheless we thought about why, couple of years ago, a majority of the Grampians park was on fire...

Sheep farm near near Grampians National Park at sunset
Sheep farm near near Grampians National Park at sunset

There were just a couple of tens of kilometers to the park left when it finally went dark. The road sign to Lake Monibeong, where our camp ground was set up, appeared unexpectedly, as our GPS was still saying there were a couple of kilometers before the turn on to the campground. In these situations we trust road signs more then our GPS, and therefore took a turn on the dirt road and went towards the lake. This road to the campground, which is considered an off-road track, as we got closer turned out to be a very comfortable road, which was very good to drive on during the night.

The night drive reminded us a lot of the setting from the game Slenderman, because of the darkness, and the car lights reflecting on the tall naked pine trees, but instead of Slenderman we only saw groups of kangaroos. Then, the road took a turn to the side and we saw the lake Monibeong, in the mystic moon light.

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