Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Natimuk: the Art Town in Victoria

You never know where you can see art. While driving past a small town Natimuk in Victoria, we stopped to look at an exhibition that was possibly left there after some art festival.

Natimuk, Victoria
The park along the river in Natimuk, Vic

Oriental style bells (or lanterns?) came to attention. They were hanging of the roof of pergola and were made of old metal cans.

Old metal can lanterns
A pergola with metal cans lanterns in Natimuk, Vic
We also liked mosaic sculptures that were there as well, along with an incredibly cool machine with pedals made out of old metal scarp (which my kids absolutely loved).
Steam punk art installation
Incredible steam punk style metal art installation in Natimuk, Vic
Railing of the bridge nearby was decorated by crochet panels probably created by a group of craft people.
Crochet panels over bridge railing
Crochet panels over bridge railing in Natimuk, Vic

This was a very interesting and pleasant to walk around in the open, while looking at this unusual art.

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