Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mount Arapiles: Unity With Nature

From a distance Mount Arapiles resembles a giant medieval castle ruins, towering in the middle of fields. There are two roads at the entrance to the park. One goes around the mountain and another one goes to it's top. We decided to drive around to see the mountain from all sides, because from the top we could see surrounding fields only.

Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria
Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria

There is a huge campground at the root of the mountain. It housed at least 2-3 hundred tents, different in size, colour and design.  We were confused by the sign 'Management Vehicles Only', but later we realised it was related to side paths only. However, it was not necessary to go far away from that point. We found a wonderful view of the mountain, with a special path, using which it was possible to hike up even without special equipment. Despite this opportunity we decided not to climb up so high and just walked around enjoying spectacular views.

Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria
Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria
After finishing the route around the mountain we came back to the entry to the park. At that time, we turned in the road to the top of the mountain. During the short ascent Victor rescued another lizard from under the wheels and returned it to the bush away from the road.

Shingle-back lizard was saved and returned to the bush, Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria
The lookout on the top offered a spectacular views as well as a picnic table. So, we enjoyed our lunch while admiring the spectacular views. Charming wallaby, that sat in the bushes and looked at us with interest, evoked our sense of unity with nature

Lunch time at the picnic area in Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria
We refined the weather forecast for the next night. Such extreme cold as last night was not expected, and it was quite possible to survive in the tent. The challenge was that we did not know the exact location of the campground, as well as that we had to put up the tent after sunset again.

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