Monday, 20 April 2015

Horsham Caravan Park: Shelter for Tired Travelers

Horsham Riverside Caravan Park offered us a small, but very comfortable cabin. After a freezing night in the tent, the cabin seemed perfect. There was a standard collection of utilities, such as toilet, hot water, heater, electric stove, TV, etc.

Wimmera River, Horsham Riverside Caravan Park
Wimmera River, Horsham Riverside Caravan Park

And everything that we needed but the cabin didn't have, we brought with us - extra table for kid's drawing, an esky that replaced an extra chair and so on. The reverse cycle air conditioner, unfortunatly made alot of noise, like a  train leaving the station, but we couldn't complain, as it did make the room warm.

Cozy cabin in Horsham Riverside Caravan Park
In the information folder, as usual, we found a couple of booklets about things to see in the region, which did help up to find the location of the little town with the sculptures and the unforgetable vertical mountains in the plains we saw in the morning..

Horsham Region information brochures
Horsham Region information brochures
 In the morning, after breakfast, the kids ran away to play at the playground, and we went to look around the territory of the caravan park. It was quite beautiful: big playground for the kids on a greeny lawn on one side of the park, and the river, on the other side. On the third side of the caravan park, was a beautiful city park. However, we decided to visit it another time, as we had to move on to the Mt Arapiles through a little town Natimuk in Victoria

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