Friday, 24 April 2015

42 Mile Crossing Campground in Coorong National Park

For the first time in this entire trip we got to the campground before sunset. Although we still ended up setting up the tents in the pitch black of the night. 42 Mile Crossing Campground in the Coorong National Park has a toilet with water, a picnic zone with shade and tables. However there is a total fire ban in this park, all year long. The only spot where you can set up the fire in this park, is on the beach line, but you have to walk over a kilometre to get there.

Soft sand dunes at 42 Mile Crossing Campground in Coorong National Park

Most of the camp sites were in an open area under the sky. We on the other side got a camp-ground in a little forest made of small trees and bushes, that slightly improved the night as there was less wind and the cold.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Lake Monibeong Campground in Discovery Bay Coastal Park

The campground on the Lake Monibeong was empty, and we moved forwards looking for our previously reserved on-line campsite, at the very back of the campground. To our surprise, one of all spots, our campsite was taken by a group of campers. But, we are pretty sure the campers who took our spot were probably just as surprised as we were, as the bright lights of our car were piercing the dark of the night, and when the sound of our motor was roaring around their tents. But we had to turn around somehow, to get a new camping spot!

We did not get upset that the campers took our spot and set up our tents on a campsite near them. This time we decided not to waste the battery of our car, and set up the lights of our torches. We even decided not to charge our phones until the morning.

Lake Monibeong at Sunrise, Discovery Bay Coastal Park
Lake Monibeong at Sunrise, Discovery Bay Coastal Park

Road to Discovery Bay Coastal Park

Road to Discovery Bay Coastal Park runs along the border of the Grampians National Park. The road had warning signs along the way, saying that this part of Grampians is a total fire ban zone. Yet, at one of the closest farms we saw burning uprooted stumps. It was quite a majestic show!

Burning uprooted stumps near the Grampians National Park
Burning uprooted stumps near Grampians National Park

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mount Arapiles: Unity With Nature

From a distance Mount Arapiles resembles a giant medieval castle ruins, towering in the middle of fields. There are two roads at the entrance to the park. One goes around the mountain and another one goes to it's top. We decided to drive around to see the mountain from all sides, because from the top we could see surrounding fields only.

Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria
Mount Arapiles State Park, Victoria

Natimuk: the Art Town in Victoria

You never know where you can see art. While driving past a small town Natimuk in Victoria, we stopped to look at an exhibition that was possibly left there after some art festival.

Natimuk, Victoria
The park along the river in Natimuk, Vic

Monday, 20 April 2015

Horsham Caravan Park: Shelter for Tired Travelers

Horsham Riverside Caravan Park offered us a small, but very comfortable cabin. After a freezing night in the tent, the cabin seemed perfect. There was a standard collection of utilities, such as toilet, hot water, heater, electric stove, TV, etc.

Wimmera River, Horsham Riverside Caravan Park
Wimmera River, Horsham Riverside Caravan Park

Grampians National Park: Arising from the Ashes

Sadly, our adventure with the battery did not leave us with much time left, so we had to move on forward in our trip very quickly without many stops. We quickly made it to Horsham Riverside Caravan park. On our way there we noticed very unique sculptures in one of the near-by towns and beautiful vertical mountains in the middle of plains, but we did not have time to stop and look. Once we arrived to the caravan park, we paid for our cabin, took the keys, quickly unloaded our car and left to get to the Grampians National Park.

Grampians National Park, Victoria
Grampians National Park, Victoria

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Wirreanda Campground: Freezing Birthday night in Naracoorte Caves National Park

In the caves of the National Park Naracoorte we already have been several times. This time we did not plan to go underground, and just wanted to see how thousands of bats fly out of the cave to hunt at sunset. Unfortunately, because of  the delay in the way we could not see this spectacular action, as we arrived at the park around 8 pm, in two hours after the sunset.

How to set the tent up in dark.
How to set the tent up in the dark. Wirreanda campground, Naracoorte National Park, South Australia