Monday, 15 April 2013

Mildura Visitor Information Centre and chasing for Paddle Steamer Melbourne

We were on our way, and were happy with the fact that we were driving to Mildura on time, with some extra time up our sleeve. The happiness disappeared when someone had a thought that the time zones might change in Victoria, and as we checked our phones we realised the extra half an hour we had, was gone with the time zones. Turns out the 30 minute time difference in the different states does exist, and instead of coming 15 minutes before the boat left we came 15 after. It was very disappointing as we didn't even see the boat leaving.

Flooded gum tree eucalyptus in Murray River near Mildura
Flooded gum tree eucalyptus in Murray River near Mildura

However we decided, not to waste this trip as we missed the boat, and enjoy our visit in this town as much as we can. We spent some time on the shore, had a picnic, took some photos of the graceful black swans and the loud seagulls, and also some really unforgettable river scapes full of house boats parked on the shore side.

We realised that life does not end just at the river side in this town, as looking for some other attractions we moved on and went into the town area, into the towns info centre. We did some circles around the town, our kids were happy that they were currently on holidays, and the kids from this state were still in school for another week. While driving we were surprised, how busy were the streets of this little town!

Mildura Visitor Information Centre
Mildura Visitor Information Centre

The info centre turned out to be a massive modern building, being a really close neighbour to a public swimming centre and library. We were not in a reading mood, but we did regret not having our bathing suits with us, as the pool was filled with aquatic activities like fake waves etc.

The exposition in the information centre really surprised us, if you think about it, it was a small museum about the area, done in its own style. We learned many interesting things about the town and the region itself. Riverland is famous for its orange and grape plantations, and also famous for the various water activities on the Murray river.

Murray River shore in Mildura

There were many interesting exhibits in the exposition, you could rotate the ship's steering wheel, which changed the pictures on the screen with potential local boats and ships, you could also see (but unfortunately not taste) examples of the local wineries... We enjoyed the beautiful views of the national parks of this region, and at the models of the aboriginal houses. One of the amusing exhibits was a fence made out of the flags of the countries whose citizens inhabited Riverland.

After we finished looking at this exposition of this little museum we rushed back to the shore side in hopes to see the paddle steamer, however, we once again, missed it, we were told that it left, as soon as it dropped off the passengers. We were very shocked by that, and even suspected that it was a ghost ship...

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