Monday, 7 January 2013

Kingston SE: Grilled Shark For Dinner in Royal Mail Hotel

After visiting the Naracoorte Caves we decided that it was time to eat. This was not surprising, because in the last 7 hours, we ate just a few tomatoes and cookies, and a couple of beers for the older generation. However the way home should be long. We decided to go to the shore to eat and to swim a bit until sunset as well.
The jetty and coastline at Kingston SE, South Australia
The jetty and coastline at Kingston SE, South Australia

Within a radius of hundred of kilometers only two towns met our requirements. There were Robe and Kingston SE. While the first option was preferable from an aesthetic point of view, the way home from there would be fifty kilometers longer. So we decided to go to Kingston SE. 
The jetty and coastline at Kingston SE, South Australia
When we reached the seashore, we realized that it was not suitable for swimming. It was low tide, and the beach was covered with seaweed. However this place was perfect for fishing. Standing on the jetty, the Grandfather sadly thought about the fishing gear left at home. The size of the fish swimming by could be assessed even with the naked eye without polarized glasses. Lucky people passed by us with the catch, completed the picture called "Fisherman's dream".
Kingston SE, South Australia
Kingston SE, South Australia
After admiring the seascapes, we went in search of a place to eat. As we realized we had two options available - "Fish & Chips Take Away" and a Hotel proudly named "Royal Mail Hotel".

After hours of hunger and a failed meeting with crabs and fish, we decided that we deserve all the best! Of course, we chose the Hotel. Despite our concerns, this Hotel was a very cozy place, where people come to eat with their children. Even the presence of slot machines in the corner did not spoil this pleasant place.
Royal Mail Hotel in  Kingston SE, South Australia
Royal Mail Hotel in  Kingston SE, South Australia
For dinner we ordered a variety of fish dishes, including grilled gummy shark. In addition to the authentic food we ordered a popular local ale Cooper. Grandparents had not tried these local specialties before.

The Hotel kindly offered us a complimentary salad bar. As the result, the starved travellers tried all the salads so diligently that when the main courses were served, we were already completely full. But we have heroically won in this battle with food. We all were satisfied with the dinner in this Hotel, and unanimously decided to mark this place on the map as the recommended for visit.
The hamburger of the day in Royal Mail Hotel. Kingston SE, South Australia
The hamburger of the day in Royal Mail Hotel. Kingston SE, South Australia
Well-fed and satisfied, we were ready to go home. Now we had to "feed" with diesel our off-road van. Unfortunately, both the next petrol stations - BP and Coles Express - at 9 p.m were already closed. Fortunately, nearby was a small local Mobil petrol station, which, it seemed, was not going to close at all. This is another reminder that in Australia it is necessary to take care about refueling  in advance, before nightfall.

The rest of the way back was adorned with hydrogen sulfide aromas of Coorong, and enthusiastic Grandmother's indignation that we should not have to go so far, even for such a beauty. But by 2:30 a.m. we were already at home, looking at the wonderful photos from the trip, and digesting the roasted shark.

Royal Mail Hotel
10 Hanson St, Kingston SE SA 5275

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