Monday, 7 January 2013

Kingston SE: Grilled Shark For Dinner in Royal Mail Hotel

After visiting the Naracoorte Caves we decided that it was time to eat. This was not surprising, because in the last 7 hours, we ate just a few tomatoes and cookies, and a couple of beers for the older generation. However the way home should be long. We decided to go to the shore to eat and to swim a bit until sunset as well.
The jetty and coastline at Kingston SE, South Australia
The jetty and coastline at Kingston SE, South Australia

Naracoorte Caves: Bat's Residence and a Cricket Ball Between the Stalactites

This journey was inspired by the weather forecast for the next day. It was predicted +41°C ... We decided to go with our grandparents to the Naracoorte Caves, as there should have been a comfortable temperature for life. We decided not to tell our grandparents the distance to the destination, as 350 km for them was a serious challenge.

When there were just about 80-90 km to the destination, Grandfather asked, if we would return home today. To reply to this provocative question Alex stopped the car in the middle of a field and silently pulled out and offered him a misted can of cold beer ... the rest of the way was much more fun.

Ancient animals in Wonambi Fossil Centre
"Living" ancient animals in Wonambi Fossil Centre, Naracoorte Caves, South Australia
We have been to the Naracoorte Cave National Park previously, so we knew exactly what cave we would like to visit that day. Unfortunately, despite the fact that we came half-hour prior to the tour, it was already fully booked. So we agreed to alternate Bat Tour (included Bat Observation Centre and Blanche Cave). As a bonus, we were invited to visit for free the Wonambi Fossil Centre which we have not seen before.