Friday, 28 December 2012

Goolwa: Our First 4WD Experience

The older daughter was waiting for the grandparents' visit to go with Grandfather on a fishing trip. Since we did not have the right equipment for fishing, Alex and Grandfather went to the store as soon as it opened after Christmas. They chose a pair of identical rods, a set of weights and two sets of hooks and floats. 

We had to decide where to go fishing. Our friends said once that they go fishing in Goolwa. All online guides confirmed that the best place for fishing is the Murray Mouth, where you can come directly on the beach in the 4WD vehicle. As an alternative, we chose the bay at the opposite side of the dunes, in case if the entrance to the beach would be closed for some reason.
Four wheel drive van at the beach
Four wheel drive van at Goolwa Beach, South Australia

Fortunately, the road was opened, and the beach traffic was very busy. After bogging a bit in the soft sand, we happily reached the tight hard-packed beach 10 km long. There were neither urban crossovers nor conventional cars. There were only serious 4WD vehicles, among which our off-road van looked very gentle.